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Why do I need LivNitro+?

For lean muscle mass and protein retention, LivNitro+ is a number one choice in sports nutrition. Nitrogen is the anabolic super glue your body requires for protein synthesis, and your liver is where that process takes place. Nitrogen retention and positive nitrogen balance are required elements for creating new protein and building new muscles, and LivNitro+ has been studied successfully for its ability to promote positive nitrogen retention in the body. So whether you’re lifting weights, playing on a team, hitting the gym or stretching out in yoga class, LivNitro+ is the sure, studied way to boost anabolism and give you the energy, focus and performance you need for successful muscle building.

What is the liver's role in protein creation?

Taking LivNitro+ daily with your protein supplement can support reduced nitrogen loss, a key indicator of protein creation.

Is LivNitro+ safe? Is it quality-proven? How do I know LivNitro+ works?

In our studies, we found that LivNitro+ outperformed the placebo group in helping the body retain more nitrogen. When compared to baseline nitrogen loss, our LivNitro+ group lost considerably less, meaning they were staying anabolic longer. We also test every batch for safety, performance, stability and effectiveness, making its quality second-to-none. LivNitro+ is an ephedra free, prohormone free natural supplement and an excellent liver detoxifier. It’s safe for long-term use and contains no Milk Thistle (Silymarin). It’s non-GMO verified for your peace of mind and always free from additives and gluten. It’s vegan friendly too!

The study concluded that LivNitro+ showed a protein building effect.*

Knowing that nitrogen is the sole indicator for protein creation, 70 test subjects were recruited and their nitrogen waste was measured over 60 days with or without LivNitro+. A reduction in the presence of nitrogen in waste would be an indicator of an increase in protein creation.

Waste was collected from the test-subjects on four random days. The LivNitro+ group was found to be utilizing nitrogen more than the placebo and the study concluded that participants taking LivNitro+ were creating more protein than the placebo group, based on nitrogen excretion.

*Effects of LivNitro+ on Protein Anabolism: "A Prospective, Randomized, Triple Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Study", Unpublished Data, Bucharaest - Romania Principle Investigator: Dr. Alin Popescu. Specialist in Sports Medicine


LivNitro+ anabolism study with protein supplementation and weight resistance*

Study 1 proved conclusively that LivNitro+ helped prevent nitrogen loss, but since most trained athletes use protein, a study was needed comparing protein supplementation against using LivNitro+ to prove the product’s effectiveness. 60 subjects were divided into three arms of 20 subjects, each following a different regime during a period of 3 months (12 weeks):

GROUP A: LivNitro+ 1 capsule twice daily + Standard Diet**

GROUP B: Standard Diet** + Protein***

GROUP C: LivNitro+ 1 capsule twice daily + Standard Diet** + Protein***

The synergistic actions exhibited by the ingredients of LivNitro+ might provide the beneficial effects in protein anabolism in healthy individuals. LivNitro+ thus acts as an anabolic supporter which promotes the functional capacity of the liver. Improvements were seen in BMI, lean body mass, skin fold thickness, muscle strength, stress, and reduction in body fat percentage, further demonstrating the anabolic activity of LivNitro+.

*M.Sarkar, A Prospective, Three Arm, Randomized, Comparative Clinical Study to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of LIV52 NITRO+, (n.d). READ THE ENTIRE STUDY

**Standard diet consisting of 2500-2800 cal/day (which includes 25 to 30% of protein).

***Protein supplement was given in the form of Proteinex Powder 2 teaspoons (20G) twice daily with warm water.

† Results based on how participants declared they felt.